How Did My Life End Up Like This
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The Silence of the Lambs + text

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David Bowie Is, an exhibit about the remarkable career of a musician who changed our culture, opens Tuesday at the MCA Chicago—the only American stop of this show organized by the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Read Sarah Harper’s review, and see more photos by Evan Hanover.

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Marko at Made in Finland Moscow 2014 (photo from

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Marko at Made in Finland St.Petersburg 2014 (photo by G.Moiseeva)

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Marko and Jaska at DBTL 2014 (photo by H.Sahlström)

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Marko Saaresto
Role in band: Vocals and otherworldly experiences
Birthday: December 5th, 1970

asked to describe each other in 2 words, the band said of Marko:

Jaska – “Even before this question, I was thinking about opposites: introvert and extrovert, in the same person. The way I see it, introvert traits in Marko include seeking solitude in certain situations. Generally speaking, introverts can find some social situations exhausting, whereas extroverts get more energy from certain social situations. Your extrovert side includes having a large circle of friends you keep in contact with, and it’s easy to have long conversations with you. So you are not really withdrawn as such. When the moment is right, you can be very extroverted, which kind of contradicts the introvert side. Maybe all the creativity sprouts from that contradiction! That’s how I feel.”

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Marko and Olli at DBTL (x

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killer eyes

- DBTL festival 25/7/14

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Poets Of The Fall - Cradled in Love

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Poets Of The Fall - Can You Hear Me

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